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Hydrotherapy and physical therapy for canine osteoarthritis

Aquapaws Canine Hydrotherapy and Spa is a specialist animal physical therapy and treatment centre based in Dunedin, Otago. Our treatments for stiffness and arthritis in dogs are designed to help to reduce pain in older dogs and improve their mobility and level of fitness. This enables them to stay more active as they age. Hydrotherapy is also highly beneficial for the rehabilitation of dogs following acute injuries or surgery invlolving the joints, ligaments and muscles of the legs, hips and shoulders.

Aquapaws is owned and operated by qualified Hydrotherapist and Registered Veterinary Nurse Krystle Kelly. As New Zealand Ambassador to Canine Arthritis Management, it is Krystle’s aim to promote awareness and around management and care and to provide the best treatment for canine osteoarthritis and other forms of arthritis in dogs.

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Canine rehabilitation and physical therapy

Aquapaws has a range of specialist equipment and professional training so that we can offer tailored canine rehabilitation and physical therapy programmes for assisting post-surgical or injury recovery.

We are also able to assist working and sporting dogs to reach their peak performance through greater cardio and muscular-skeletal fitness, strength and stamina, by creating a regimen of regular preventive check-ups and therapies.

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Our Services

Canine Hydrotherapy

For treating canine osteoarthritis and other forms of arthritis in dogs, our hydrotherapy equipment includes an underwater treadmill and dedicated doggy physical therapy pool. Each dog we treat recieves the necessary joint support and low impact cardio that can only be attained with professional hydrotherapy. The results achieved through a tailored, buoyancy-aided exercise regime can be life-changing.





Physical Therapy

For physical therapy treatments we use a combination of therapeutic massage and stretching, and PROM (passive range of motion) with heat pads to aid healing and restore mobility, along with assisted exercise with the use of therapeutic equipment to regain muscle strength, balance and coordination.




Dog Grooming Spa

Aqua Paws Spa applies a more holistic approach to dog grooming. We do this firstly by providing a quiet, caring, low stress setting for your pooch. Grooming is performed with the animal’s comfort in mind, and we choose natural products that are gentle on skin and kind to the environment.








What People Are Saying

“In January 2017 our 12 year old lab Wallace was diagnosed with arthritis and degenerative myelopathy, we were told by the vet that this was a degenerative condition affecting the nerves in his hind legs, and sadly there is no cure. In January 2018 we heard of Aqua Paws Hydrotherapy and decided to give it a go. For the past 8 months Wallace has had a weekly Hydrotherapy session. At his recent annual Health check our vet commented on how well he was looking – better than the previous check. He has built up the muscles in his hind legs which help support him”


Mum to Wally

“The progress that Betsy has made has been because of the expert work by Aqua Paws. 
The exercises and regular appointments have been a core part of her recovery. It has been very comforting having people with such knowledge to help along the way.
We have our dog back. Thank you so much”


Dad to Betsy

“Can not rave enough about the care Aqua Paws have taken of my pooch. They have been there to support my Rottweiler x Kelpie and I over the last year from
Surgery to rehabilitation. So unbelievably helpful. They saved him from having to have a second surgery on his other knee! Honestly best thing ever and Zeus just loves it!”


Mum to Zeus


Spikes Story

Spikes Story

Spike has been visiting Aqua Paws Hydrotherapy for some time now and has become a huge fan, squealing in delight when he realises they are heading towards Balmacewen Road! We asked his mum Dorothy to share his story with you.  Spikes journey to a better quality of...

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